Swipe Domotics

Swipe Domotics

Automate homes the easy way

Currently, this is my main focus. Domotics can make life so much easier. This is true for the people that love automating their daily lives but also, and maybe even more, for the less-abled people who can really benefit from the possibilities of domotics.



Documentaries & Cuisine

Every month, a night with a delicious dinner, followed by a breathtaking documentary and finished with drinks and talks. More info at



Organic delivery service

During my study I started this organic delivery service. Our unique selling point was delivering the groceries to specific places where our clients would come anyhow, like kindergarten, fitness centers and bigger workspaces. This translated in comfortability and affordability for our customers.


Contact me directly

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Kaj Beetstra
Bloys van Treslongstraat 62-3
1056XD Amsterdam
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Educational background

Urban studies
(MSc, University of Amsterdam)
Development studies; Entrepreneurship
(Minors, University of Amsterdam)


  • 3D design, prototyping
  • Event planning, hosting events
  • Giving presentations, speaking in public
  • GIS 
  • Analytical thinking
  • Improv 
  • Basic skill in Photoshop, programming, MS Office, webdesign